Billions of years fallacy on Mars

Fairly regularly now, popular press news articles appear that recite the tale of a “billions of years” evolutionary past. In this case (click here) it is life on Mars. For the materialist, there simply must be life on Mars or somewhere out there, to help explain our own existence. (For the Christian, it is a ho-hum issue. Water on Mars? So what? Even if life is found, so what? It affects nothing of substance to Biblical Christianity.)

The seeding of DNA or other life form on earth by space aliens is a common conjecture, even from scientists like Richard Dawkins. But to speculate on this, they must leave their “science” behind.  The same is true for the dating of the age of the earth. They were not there, no one was there….except for the God of the Bible. But they, I assume, do not even believe in this God. Physicists and geologists each have their own assumptions too.

Certainly in this case, their presuppositions are showing through. If we begin with a certain presuppositional worldview through which everything else is interpreted, we could explain away just about anything, even the existence of God.

But anyone who attempts to explain away the Biblical God will soon find that they have lost the debate. Anti-theists work very hard psychologically to not acknowledge or believe in God (the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, just to be clear)……but the anti-theist could not make a cogent argument at all unless this God exists, as He surely does. We pray that the grace of God reaches to the hearts of the anti-theist as well.

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