Archdioceses of Cincinnati teacher contract entirely appropriate, homosexual bullys attack

“Responding to criticism from LGBT activists and the media that the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s new contract for Catholic school teachers is “extreme” and “draconian” for  banning certain behaviors that violate Church teaching, a spokesman for the archdiocese says that it merely clarifies existing diocesan policies.” click here

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Thank you Franklin Graham; People who live by such Biblical convictions need to stop hiding, speak out

“President Barack Obama, his administration, and many people in Congress are pushing “a gay and lesbian agenda” and, like Russian President Vladimir Putin, our Congress “needs to do more in protecting our nation’s children” from exploitation, said Rev. Franklin Graham, son of the world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham.” click here

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Brandeis University chooses oppression, slavery

Just days before the beginning of Passover, that great celebration of freedom, a prominent American Jewish university has sided with the enslavers. click here

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Pope Francis: abortion an ‘abominable crime’

“Pope Francis calls abortion an ‘abominable crime’ in strongest remarks to date”

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Mrs. Barbara Mikulski, we’re tired of old disgruntled liberal white women bullys in 1950s clothing bashing men and all others who disagree with them

As a former Marylander who grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and attended High School in Bethesda, Maryland, the above is my response to the comment by the Maryland Senator below:

Sen. Barbara Mikulski: ‘We’re Kind of Tired of Men in Suits Making Up Laws That Discriminate Against Us’  click here


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New York City bullying Christians…..just like Pakistan?

“A federal appeals panel has ruled that New York City has a right to ban churches from holding worship services in school buildings. In essence, it means Christians have officially become second-class citizens in the nation’s largest city.” click here

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Mr. Mike Huckabee correct on homosexual marriage, but as a presidential candidate, he’s still “Huckelberry Hound” to me

“Former Arkansas governor and Fox News host Mike Huckabee on Tuesday stopped by Iowa, the state that propelled his 2008 presidential campaign to viability, to deliver the keynote address at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s spring fundraiser. And in front of the friendly crowd, Huckabee defended his opposition to same-sex marriage, explaining that though he doesn’t have a problem with gay people, the Bible does.” click here

And no, I am not homophobic. Those individuals who practice homosexual behaviors are still people, made in God’s image. Though they are dead in their sins just like the rest of us. They do not know it and/or refuse to acknowledge God, but this is true nonetheless. Treat them as any other person, not as a lifestyle category.

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